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Gustavo Barrios 


Gustavo Barrios 



User EXperience Designer 



Case Studies

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Café Mate - Mobile café App Order experience

The goal of this app is to enhance users experience by smooth transactions, easy selection, seating reservations, and accessible options for users with special needs. 

Find a Mentor - Web desktop Networking experience 

The goal of this website is to connect users based on their professional skillsets, interests, and experiences. Bridging the gap between mentors and mentees. 

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Find a Mentor - Mobile app networking experience 

Expanding on the desktop experience, 

with the mobile app, Students and mentors will be able to login, communicate and match with a mentor at their fingertips . 

CEN: Clean Environment  Mobile, Desktop, & Tablet Application

CEN is set out to solve the environmental issues in your local community. The experience focuses on the community member as the end user by allowing simple and easy reporting.

Leveraging a variety of methods, including a navigation system, voice command, location, or chat. 

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What's for Dinner!
Work In Progress

Soon there will be an app!

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